We do not only provide space; we also provide logistical support so that everyone involved in the relevant event is able to concentrate on the matters before them. We know our way around arbitration proceedings – and therefore know the demands that come with such proceedings.

Our primary service consists of the provision of rooms for business events. We are flexible concerning seating arrangements and can adapt to the wishes of the parties and the arbitral tribunal. From a technical point of view, we ensure that the parties will remain able to work throughout the entirety of the proceedings.

Upon request (and for an additional service fee), we also search and/or hire court reporters and interpreters. Parties frequently want to make such arrangements for themselves (e.g. to hire a court reporter they trust based on previous experiences). Where this is not the case, we are happy to assist.

Concerning catering, the location of the FHC offers the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of restaurants in the immediate vicinity. We are also happy to organise catering at the FHC (through express agreement and for an additional fee). Of course, drinks (coffee, tea and water as well as other cold drinks) are constantly available.

A member of the FHC team will remain available for contact throughout the proceedings.