We do not think it sensible to price individual services, such as individual rooms, coffee/tea, beamers or printed pages, separately. For this reason, all necessary services are included in the daily rate.

It is all too common for the pricing related to the rental of arbitration hearing rooms to be set out in an untransparent manner. In particular, hotels frequently provide separate prices for a large number of individual services. We do not consider this a sensible approach and, for this reason, offer a daily flat rate. All necessary services are included in this rate.

The daily rate includes the use of all rooms – since we only rent the FHC as a whole to ensure that no third parties have access to the centre during the arbitration hearing. The use of all technical equipment is also included. The rental package also includes coffee, tea, water and other cold drinks. The arrangement of court reporters and interpreters as well as catering is not included in the daily rate. If we are asked to make such arrangements, an additional service will fee apply.

A booking becomes binding once advance payment of the related fees has been made in full. This fee is non-refundable since we are usually unable to re-let the rooms due to the particular circumstances of the FHC and the fact that arbitration proceedings are planned well in advance. The amount of the daily rate depends on various factors. Upon request, we will provide an immediate offer for the period in question.