An arbitration hearing comes with unique challenges – in terms of space, technology and logistics. The FHC fulfils these requirements and offers an environment of guaranteed confidentiality to a particularly high degree.

The FHC – situated in the middle of Frankfurt – offers rooms of suitable size and number for an arbitration hearing: with a large conference hall that accommodates approximately 25 people (arranged with the typical U-form seating plan) as well as up to five breakout-rooms.

The FHC takes into account that arbitration negotiations require special confidentiality: The FHC is situated on a separate floor, complete with its own entrance and reception and is therefore completely separate from the rest of the building.

With regard to technical equipment, the FHC is fully equipped – for example, with video conferencing facilities and separate printers/copiers in the parties' break-out rooms. The FHC team can also provide logistical support upon request, for example, by coordinating with court reporters and interpreters.

The FHC team is familiar with arbitration – and can therefore ensure that all parties involved are able to concentrate fully on the matter at hand.