The facilities of the FHC are primarily intended for arbitration proceedings. However, they can also be used for meetings, conferences or contract negotiations. They are fully equipped with commonly used technology.

The conference hall primarily serves as a hearing room for arbitration proceedings. Set up in the typical U-form seating arrangement, 8-10 individuals (and possibly a team in a second row) can be accommodated on either side of the table. Of course, there is plenty of room for the arbitrators, court reporters, tribunal secretaries and interpreters.

The conference room receives plenty of natural light and offers the possibility to use the centre's (small) private garden during breaks. This room is also suitable for other types of business events, such as smaller conferences or meetings.

In addition, there are five other rooms that can be used as break-out rooms. In particular, two (equally sized) rooms for the claimant and for the defendant are fully equipped: for example, both rooms are individually equipped with a printer/copier as well as video conferencing equipment.

The FHC offers the option of on-site catering so that lunch breaks, for example, can potentially be used to continue working.